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theragdolls's Journal

* Siamese Almeida *
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The Ragdolls is a community for the true & original fans of Queen Adreena/Daisy Chainsaw/Katie Jane Garside. it is a members-only community and you must be approved first to join. this may sound elite, but it is for good reason.

The Ragdolls will be for the fans who've either been fans of the band since the beginning, or have truly developed a deep understanding & love for the band even at a later date.

we do not approve of fans who:

* don't even know that Queen Adreena had an album before Drink Me.
* can't even understand the meanings behind Katie Jane Garside's words.
* think Katie Jane is "hoTt" and "sExXxxY"
* rip off Katie Jane's clothes & purposely feel her up at gigs.
* don't even know anything about the band and have only heard Pretty Like Drugs.
* have the nerve to spread & promote rude and vulgar gossip about the band.

please do not feel intimidated, we welcome anyone to apply for membership. if you'd like to apply, comment with your journal name to the application entry. if you are approved, please take the time to fill out our member survey.

thankyou! :)

- witchhearts