victoria (childproof) wrote in theragdolls,

01: how long have you been a fan of Queen Adreena? For about a year or so.

02: are you also familiar with Daisy Chainsaw, and if so, do you like them aswell? yes. I <3 Daisy Chainsaw.

03: which is your favourite of the two bands? Probably Queen Adreena.

04: what is your favourite Queen Adreena album? Taxidermy.

05: your favourite song on Taxidermy? Well I really like A Heavenly surrender even though it is not on thee regular version of taxidermy. I also like Madraykin. <3

06: your favourite song on Drink Me? Kitty Collar Tight.

07: your favourite non-album song? Fm Doll.

08: your favourite member of the band? Katie.

09: have you ever seen Queen Adreena live? no, i wish i could :(

10: how do you feel about fans groping Katie Jane on purpose? UGH, i think it is more than degrading. She is there for the music, not to be groped by a bunch of idiots. I think it's horrible that QA fans think it's okay to do that kind of thing to her. It just disgusts me. :|

11: what Queen Adreena song can you relate to the most? A Heavenly Surrender.
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