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& I finally discovered how to post in here.

- whats your name or what do you like to be called?
My name is Amy.

- where do you live?
I live in Essex which is a horrible place located to the East Of England.

- name 3 other bands you like besides QA/DC?
Placebo, Scarling & Rachel Stamp (Yet it is hard as my favourites sway between many)

01: how long have you been a fan of Queen Adreena?
Hmm...well. I first heard of them around Early-Mid 2001 but didn't realise the true beauty for a couple of months.

02: are you also familiar with Daisy Chainsaw, and if so, do you like them aswell?
I also LOVE them and own the Daisy Chainsaw fanlisting which can be found here Sorry for the plug! Please forgive me Polly.

03: which is your favourite of the two bands?
Definately Queen Adreena.

04: what is your favourite Queen Adreena album?
Although I do love both in both different ways the magic of Taxidermy will be with me forever.

05: your favourite song on Taxidermy?
Hmm...I have many many favourites...the whole album. However, 'Yesterdays Hymns' and 'X-ing Off The Days' I both adore.

06: your favourite song on Drink Me?
'For I am The Way'. So beautiful.

07: your favourite non-album song?
'A Heavenly Surrender' possibly my favourite QA song so I am a little biased. However I love all the non-album songs. They're wonderful. 'Kissing My Disgrace' is also another favourite.

08: your favourite member of the band?
Seeing as Katie and Crispin are the only permanent members at the moment I love them both. Yet Katie's magic is hard to beat...even by fantastic guitar playing.

09: have you ever seen Queen Adreena live?
Only once yet I will treasure it as it was an amazing experience.

10: how do you feel about fans groping Katie Jane on purpose?
Ack. It is terrible and definately a problem. You would not see people tolerating it if it happened to someone walking down a street. Yes, Katie may fling herself around the stage in a sexual way and does not complain yet it doesn't mean people should do it. You would think those 'fans' would respect someone they love with much more dignity.

11: what Queen Adreena song can you relate to the most?
Hmm...A very hard question. *thinks* Both 'Weeds' and 'Are the songs my disease?' have elements about them.
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