lara leaf (wings_unfolding) wrote in theragdolls,
lara leaf

- whats your name or what do you like to be called?
La la, lary, or just lara

- where do you live?
South east of England (near Bristol)

- name 3 other bands you like besides QA/DC?
ummmm well... Mary Timony, Violet tumble!! annnnd perfume tree.

01: how long have you been a fan of Queen Adreena?
Around one and a bit years. I fell in love with the first song i heard which was 'hide from time' so rushed out to buy taxidermy.

02: are you also familiar with Daisy Chainsaw, and if so, do you like them aswell?
Yes I very much like the daisy chainsaw stuff. Its nice music to listen to in the bath.

03: which is your favourite of the two bands?
mmmmm, I really can't say.
I think queen adreena.
But i like to listen to daisy chainsaw when im in restlest funny moods.

04: what is your favourite Queen Adreena album?
Taxidermy, all the taxidermy films are so so beautiful.

05: your favourite song on Taxidermy?
yesterdays hymns and Madraykin (madraykin is a song i get emtional to, it is a long story)

06: your favourite song on Drink Me?
Razorblade sky & For I Am The Way...sorry I have to pick 2.
My best friends aunty killed herself a few months ago, i had that song playing and there was a beautiful scarlet sky and it made me burst out crying. mmmmmm

07: your favourite non-album song?
Pray for me its such a little sweet song *sighs*

08: your favourite member of the band?
Katie=Pure amazingness

09: have you ever seen Queen Adreena live?
Yes exellento

10: how do you feel about fans groping Katie Jane on purpose?
Its truely terrible, it hurts to see how some stupid people treat her.

11: what Queen Adreena song can you relate to the most?
For i am the way.
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